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The future does not exist


Concept: Theodor Ryan

Dramaturg: Johanna Karlsson

Dancers: Theodor Ryan, Johanna Karlsson, Emily Willman and Sigrid Sjöholm

Light: Jesper Berger

Dokumentation: Bombina Bombast

Produced by Karlsson & Ryan

A model world is created in concrete (after water, the most used substance in the world). The flow of time is created using light, dramaturgy and the presence of the performers and audience.

In our time of climate change we constantly talk about a future to come, we make projections, promises and demand or refuse action now. Action in the present in relationship to the concept of the future is the subject of this performance. 

The work was developed in collaboration with Gylleboverket in Österlen, Sweden and premiered in April 2022.


The work was selected to represent Visby city as a part of the performance exhibition Hanseartworks in Neuss, Germany in May 2022. 

Supported by Region Gotland and Malmö stad. The travel to Neuss was supported by Konstnärsnämnden (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee).

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