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Lonely Girl


Concept crated and developed by: Johanna Karlsson, Ingerid Frang and Adam Björelius 

In collaboration with Theodor Ryan, Sunniva Fliflet, Liv Hargne Granath and Thor Merlin.

A string of works was presented during the spring of 2022 under the pseudonym Lonely Girl. 

ASMR LABORATORY was a one-to-one performance shown in the basement of Klaragatan 8 I Malmö.

CYBER FANTASIES was a monolog presented at Inkonst. 

TULIP FEVER AND TULIP SELFIE was a happening taking place all around the city of Malmö.

The work was presented in collaboration with Inkonst. 

Produced by Karlsson & Ryan in collaboration with Ingerid Frang. 

Supported by the Norwegian Art Council, Region Skåne and the city of Malmö. 

PS. Lonely Girls webpage (with a swimming session if you are lucky to visit at the same time as 4 other people):

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